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Andy's illustrations for Police Nan and Spike the Cat-detective are brilliant - I was so pleased! He really brought out the characters and made the book fun. Thank you. 

Dawn McNiff, Author for Harper Collins.

I had an idea of how Boo-a-bog looked, but it was only when I saw how Andy had brought this bumbling, dribbling, huggable, loving monster to life, did he finally become a true character for me. I adore the energy and humour of Andy's illustrations, but he also manages to convey real emotion. He was also an absolute joy to work with in every way. Not only did he indulge a proud mum by agreeing to make the child hero of the story look like my son, what really meant the world to me was his genuine kindness. The book was a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Wales and Andy went the extra mile - not only through his work, but quite literally! He made a very long train journey to the hospital for the launch, where we were joined by children who were being treated there. He'd even had some fabulous Boo-a-bog t-shirts printed. I think this big heart of his shines though in his illustrations, and it is that which brings an extra sprinkling of magic to his work.

Lucy Owen, BBC Wales presenter, author.

Andy's work is fabulous - his pirate illustrations are a riot of fun, and capture the dynamic between the characters perfectly!

Suzy Senior, Author for Lion Hudson.

Andy is always a pleasure to work with, and his beautiful illustrations bring atmosphere, joy and humour to even the simplest of stories.

Jackie Hamley, Editor for Franklin Watts

One of my favourite illustrators (although slightly bonkers)
Lynn Adams, Artist.

‘Andy has the rare ability to take a writer’s wacky ideas and visually bring them to life. All I had to say to him was Paparazzi Cows and he knew exactly what I meant. He is a joy to work with.’
Fiona Veitch Smith, author of the Young Joseph Series, SPCK Publishing.

It's ever so handy,
To know a guy like Andy,
When you're nervous at night,
That something might bite,
He has a monster friend,
On who you can depend,
To keep your studio safe,
Unless you're a tasty waif,
Or a voluptuous lady,
Who tastes of gravy.

Rebecca Mason, Artist and Writer


Andy's Studio Monster

When I first came across Andy's illustrations, I knew he was the only person who could bring my book to life. Andy absolutely delivered and more, capturing the essence of my manuscript and creating magical illustrations that made 'Billie & the Mountain Place' even better than I had imagined. Andy was an absolute pleasure to work and his talent is second to none.


Nicholas Bucholtz – ‘Billie & the Mountain Place’ 

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