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Kiss a frogYUK_cover-2_edited.jpg

Kiss a frog? YUK!

Fabina was not a very proper princess.

She preferred her jeans to wearing a dress.

She never curtsied, at Jewels she’d scoff.

She scared away princes with a royal,“bog off!”


The King and Queen didn’t mind at all,

though she liked the telly more than a ball.

But one day they said, “You really should marry.”

“What about Dug, or that nice prince Barry.”


Kiss a frog? YUK! Is a picture book story about a princess called Fabina. She is revolted at the idea of kissing a frog for the purpose of finding her prince. 
A common issue with princesses I imagine.

Kiss a frogYUK_cover-2.jpg

Despite these rather convincing mock up images, Kiss a frog? YUK! doesn't exist as a picture book.

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Off she set to find something to kiss,

perhaps something furry that no one would miss.

In the palace yard, lay a mule on his belly.

She gave him a kiss even though he was smelly.


 ‘Piff’ went the mule and there stood a prince.

The sight of his teeth and ears made her wince.

“EEEE-OORRR, EEEE-OORRR,” said the prince with a grin.

“Marry you?” said Fabina. “No way, what a din!”


Thank you for looking through this page. Showing your interest may help make this story into a real book.

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