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V&A Competition entries

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Greetings Bwoshsucklers and welcome to a new plog bost (I think I’d better quit with the spoonerisms for everyone’s sake) I’m calling you swashbucklers and it’s a blog post. I think we are on the same page now.

Basically, I need somewhere to dump illustration work from past projects for the purpose of entering the V&A Illustration competition. It’s completely free so any of you fellow illustrators out there, why not give it a go?

I only came to know about this competition when a lovely lady from far off lands who happened to be adorned with the same surname as me made contact enquiring whether we might be related. I have no idea but she is a new member of the crew. Argghh, a new shipmate! I don’t think that we would have to search that far back to find that we are related as the name Catling comes from Catlin and so with the G being a later addition we are talking more recent history. How recent I don’t know but I really must look into this. Anyway, my lovely long-lost relative is being very supportive and informed me of the competition. So I immediately thought I could submit this…

…or this or…

…this or even…

…this, but no. The entries have to have been published in 2018. Darn, if only I had known sooner. So, here come the 2018 published illustrations. 

The cover to How Bear Lost his Tail in it’s raw condition.

How Bear Lost his Tail in it’s published condition.

How Bear Lost his Tail, internal illustration

 A Pirate Christmas in it’s raw condition.

 A Pirate Christmas as published

There are more but I’ll leave it at that. Happy sailing and may your boots fill with treasure.

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