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The Super Hero Boot Camp.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Here is a project that I had the pleasure to work on a little while back through my agent, Advocate-Art. The story involves some great characters, as you can see from the image below and the Author was truly a joy to work with. I have added a statement from the author, Stacey Marshall.

Some of my great loves include bringing kids joy, igniting their imaginations, and teaching them about confidence and courage.

So, that’s the ultimate goal of all the stories I write, and I feel incredibly lucky that my favorite superhero illustrator, Andy Catling, masterfully helped bring my recent picture book to life: Captain Courage’s Superhero Boot Camp.

I’ve always felt that the perfect combination of a captivating and funny story coupled with whimsical and delightfully-detailed illustrations can cast a magical spell on young readers. That is just what Andy Catling and I sought to do in our children’s book!

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